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Spring Break Cancelled

Since our spring break began on Friday, I have been flooded with calls, emails, text messages and tweets from parents and students begging me to cancel this vacation and resume school as soon as possible.

Reasons given for this measure:

1.  Extreme boredom in first 24 hours.

2.  Arguments with siblings.

3.  Concern about interruptions in school routines.

4.  Fear that Mr. Rob would feel abandoned and lonely without 651 children and 36 staff members around.

5.  Deep and profound love for learning.

After much consideration, I decided that it would be best to cancel vacation for everyone’s mental health.  Please be at school tomorrow during the regularly scheduled time.

Mrs. Reagan



PS.  April Fools.

Find out about the Top 100 April Fools jokes of all time!  I hope your vacation is going smashingly well.  See you on April 9.



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