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Will it feel like SPRING this week?

I hope so!  And, even if it doesn’t, we keep moving along with our spring like events at Georgetown.  Some signs of spring that can be spotted on our school calendar:  Teacher Appreciation Week (always a spring event sponsored by PTC) and Field Trips (always listed in green).

Our school is also starting to look very spring like with LOST & FOUND items filled with spring jackets and baseball caps rather than boots, mittens and winter jackets.  If you look closely at the lockers and walls, you will also see student writing start to appear in preparation for our Annual Just Write Celebration (May 12-16).  Just Write is a celebration of all the writing our students have done this school year.  It will be a time that parents, friends, grandparents and other special people in your lives can tour the building to read pieces of writing on display by every single writer in the building.   The tour schedule is below and more information will also be on your child’s class blog.

Have a wonderful weekend…and a great week!

Mrs. Reagan

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