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We Have Something to Say: JUST WRITE!

This was the most amazing week of celebration at Georgetown Elementary School.  We honored 650 writers — students bdin K-5 and teachers.  Their writing was displayed throughout the building on lockers, classroom doors, tables, shelves and walls.  And, for those of you who honored us by attending the open houses, I know you were impressed by their ability to write stories that carried the reader’s attention from beginning to end.

We end the week of open houses with  JUST WRITE SKIT performances — teacher performed acts of one writing piece from each grade.  The photos at the end of the slide show below highlight the seven student writers and the teachers that performed their pieces.

devPerhaps one of the most important displays demonstrates the progress our students make as writers with strong writing instruction each year that they are in school.  The writing they produce in fifth grade is a result of years of work on the writer’s part and as a result of excellent instruction by the teachers.  And, I would like to place a *bragging disclaimer for the following: Georgetown teachers are committed educators who work closely together to scope and sequence instruction for all students with a focus on high expectations.  Because of their expert instruction, the students are able to demonstrate their thinking through writing — an essential skill for work place success.

As the incredibly fortunate instructional leader of Georgetown Elementary, I am proud of both the students and the teachers.  Thank you so much for attending our celebration.  We look forward to hosting you in 2015 with equally magnificent pieces of writing!

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