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Lori Simpson, Chair of the Box Top committee has been working night and day with a team of volunteers to count our BOX TOPS.

We are happy to announce that we have collected the most BOX TOPS ever for the fall turn in date.  Our total school collection:  16,795.  Each box top is worth 10 cents.  This collection has earned our school $1, 679.50.  AMAZING!   We are hoping to keep the collection fever going all year-long so that our spring turn in is equal to or greater this amount.

KEEP COLLECTING BOX TOPS!  If you need another organizational paper, you can find it here.

We have three class winners and they are as follows:


1st Place:  with 1,247….Mr. Gort’s Class.  They will receive SPRINKLE’s DONUTS and an extra recess.

2nd Place with 1,145….Mrs. Quigley’s Class.  They will receive an extra recess.

3rd Place with 894…Mrs. Bast’s Class.  They will receive an extra recess.

Thank you to everyone…and especially the team of volunteers for cutting and counting and packing and mailing these valuable little boxes.

Mrs. Reagan

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