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Week 3: September 19-23, 2016

First Graders Take Over the Teeter Totter

We had another great week of school.  The weather was cooler which allowed for more reasonable classroom and playground temperatures.

Big Event of this week:  RED WHITE and BLUE WALK•A•THON — our only PTC (Parent•Teacher •Child) Fundraiser for this year.  You can find out more about the event here.  The funds raised from this event allow us to provide many opportunities for learning and events at Georgetown.  This year, we  lost revenue when corporations eliminated cash for school programs (TARGET, MEIJER, GORDON FOODS, LABELS for EDUCATION).  As a result, we rely on your annual donations more than ever.

Your donations make a HUGE DIFFERENCE…so please consider helping us out this year.  One need that we have this year at the school wide level:  New classroom voice amplification systems.  This system broadcasts the teacher’s evenly  to all areas of the room — guaranteeing that all students hear the learning directions.  Our voice amplification system is 11 years old — lasting 4 years longer than projected.  We plan to replace a few each year ($750 for each room).   Thank you in advance for your donations!

The other big event this week is PICTURE DAY.

Remember to have your child wear RED WHITE and BLUE on Friday for the WALK•A•THON and to celebrate our Constitution.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather today and here’s to a great week ahead.

Mrs. Reagan


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