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Word of the Week: EXPLAIN


Our word for this week is EXPLAIN which means to define something or make it clear.  This is a word that teachers use on a daily basis and many of our students encounter this word in texts and on tests.

The first six words we learned (retell, explain, compare, contrast, describe and distinguish) are introduced and taught extensively during the kindergarten year.  This week we begin our focus on seven words that are considered first grade words.  This year we are introducing the words to all students (k-5) so that next year we can focus more deeply on words for each grade level throughout the word.

Definition: Define something or make it clear

Jingle: Here’s a link to a song to help remember the definition of:   explain  

If you want to check your understanding of the words we have learned so far, try out this vocabulary quiz.  Match is my favorite.  Gravity is HARD!  You can also try out the study cards.

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