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Week 30: April 9-13, 2018

WELCOME BACK!  I hope you had a wonderful and refreshing break — and I also hope that some of your experience included warmer weather and sunshine.

I held down my corner of West Michigan, enjoying shorter lines everywhere during the past 8 days.  I also used the time to recovery from some necessary foot surgery I had prior to spring break.  This involved couch time with my foot elevated and training time on my cool new knee scooter.  I’m looking forward to demonstrating my scooter skills as I move through the hallways, lunchroom and classrooms next week!

At the beginning spring break, I invited parents to share information out their hopes/wishes for next  year’s grade placement.  This survey will close on April 15.

Looking forward to everyone’s return and all that goes into welcoming spring and taking on the final nine weeks of our school year.

REMINDER:  We start M-STEP state testing with 5th grade this week.

Mrs. Reagan

A snapshot of the week ahead is below.

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