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Week 20: It’s SNOWING!

I was SO excited to wake up to snow…and I know that many of you had younger Georgetown friends of mine in your home that were also even more excited that I was!  Now that the sun it out, it is beautiful outside.

I glanced at the forecast and it looks like winter is staying around for awhile.  Bundle those kids up for winter recess!  To celebrate the return to winter, we’ll have popcorn day on Friday (thank you PTC)!

While you kids warm up from their outside play, you can show them how to make a digital snowflake.  I use this site because it doesn’t require extra downloads…and of course you can save your creation to your device.

On Thursday from 7-8 pm we have PK/K registration.  If you have already dropped your paperwork off, you do not need to attend.  Download paperwork here.  If you have neighbors who do not know about the event, please send them this blog post!  AND…if you child is currently attending PK at another school in Hudsonville this year (Alward, Bauer, ECC, Forest Grove, Jamestown, Park, South), you do not need to fill out paperwork – or attend the meeting.  Your child will be enrolled in K with the existing PK paperwork.

If the sky is clear on Sunday evening, you’ll be able to see the SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON — and depending on what time you look up, you will also see a total lunar eclipse.  The timing for the eclipse is as follows:

Why is it called a SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON?  Here’s the scoop:  It is a “SUPER moon” because is especially close to earth.   Each month’s full moon has a traditional name and January’s name is WOLF.  The lunar eclipse creates adds the BLOOD descriptor.   The light from the stars give the moon a reddish glow or blood like color.

Check out our week ahead and have fun in that fluffy white stuff!

Mrs. Reagan


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