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Week 13: Nov 18-22, 2019

Welcome to Parent Teacher Conference and BOOK FAIR week!  Our parent conferences will be held on Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-8:30.  During conferences, I will call time every 15 minutes.  The purpose of this is to help parents and teachers stay on time.

Students will shop at the book fair throughout the week.  Parents will be able to shop at the BOOK FAIR on Monday /Wednesday evenings from 5-8.  TREMENDOUS thanks to Audrey Straub and ALL THE VOLUNTEERS for set up, sales and take down.  Just a reminder….the Book Fair helps us to put books in children’s hands and makes money for our school.  A portion of the money is used to grow our school library and classroom libraries.

While you are in the building this week, please look through lost and found.  All items will be across the hall from the library —where the book fair will be located.  Behind the lost and found table, you’ll find a beautiful display of black and white photos of 600 students and 75 staff members.  These photos can also be found in the gallery on the right side bar.

Here’s to a great week!

Mrs. Reagan

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