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Week 33 and Week 6 of Remote Learning

It’s the final week of April.  May begins on Friday.  Before this school year, February has traditionally been the ‘longest, shortest month’ in education.  We are sick of the relentless gray skies, winter weather, indoor recess, viruses going around that make us sick and irritable and Valentine’s Day which is a blessing and a curse in schools.  BUT…for the first time in my educational career, the longest month has been replaced this year by the month of April.  Thank you COVID19 for changing things up!

And thousands of cheers to you, our parents, who have negotiated this long month as parents, teachers, employees and all the daily tasks of maintaining a family.  Please continue to reach out to me or your teachers if/when you feel overwhelmed.  To be fully transparent and vulnerable with you, we are also overwhelmed.

I have never been more exhausted than I am now.  Endless hours on zoom — and when not on zoom creating materials on loom.  Add grieving the lost time with the children we care so much for and about and our own anxiety about how to do as much as we can and not put too much pressure on you is something we are all doing in isolation and in the dark. (Apologies for that horrific run on sentence.)

If you can connect with your child’s teacher and the lessons the best you can when you can, THIS is WHAT is important and matters.  We are continuing to put connections over content — which is a bizarre and uncomfortable tension to negotiate.  However, this is also what has made Georgetown exceptional.  We know that no one can learn if they do not feel cared for and about and safe.

We will continue to post lessons — and these lessons will stay up through the summer.  If you can’t get to everything now, go back in the summer months.  If your child needs more, pursue the endless options found online.  Many companies have made learning enrichment free during this global pandemic.

I sense that you, like me, are searching for good news to read/share.  One that I HIGHLY recommend is John Krasinski’s SGN (Some Good News).  It’s wonderful.

Some other fun VERY LOCAL GOOD news are from our very own Georgetown kids!  I get lost in flipgrid hearing their voices and seeing their faces.  Every submission is an injection of love and energy for my soul!

Check out these flipgrids for PE, MUSIC, MASKS, JOKES and more.

We miss you.  We love you.  Air Hugs and Chicken Wing Bumps.

Mrs. Reagan

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