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Attendance for remote learning

Sending out a reminder about attendance. Starting tomorrow Dec 1, to comply with mandated guidelines, we must still complete daily attendance.  Attendance is required and will be taken once in the a.m. and once in the p.m. for elementary.  If your child will be unable to participate in the live portions of the remote learning on a given day, please plan to call or email the secretary to excuse your student from remote learning the same as we would for face-to-face learning.   There could be “normal” reasons for this such as illness, appointments, etc.  We also understand that due to the nature of this situation there may also be reasons such as wifi not working, parents working (students engaging in asynchronous learning), technology issues, etc.  You can contact the school at 616.797.9797 or email our administrative assistant who works with attendance directly at  

Thank you!!

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