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Hudsonville EAGLES Apparel

Our PTC is sponsoring a Holiday Gift Shop at Georgetown this week.  If you are interested in ordering specific items, please complete the order form and send it into school with your child Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of this week!
Many thanks to Cheryl Havens for organizing this order form for us.
Snapshot of the items below.  Order form here:  Hudsonville Apparel Order Form
Hudsonville Gear Price List
Adult Long Sleeve Tee – Navy (Size S, M, L & XL)  $       8.00
Youth Short Sleeve Tee – Navy (Size M  & L)  $       7.00
Baseball caps – 3 styles (Limited Quantities)   $       7.00
Golf Balls (3 pack) (Limited Quantities)  $       4.00
Golf Tee’s (Limited Quantities)  $       2.00
Ceramic Coffee Mug (Limited Quantities)   $       5.00
Travel Mug (Limited Quantities)  $       6.00
Hair bow (Limited Quantities)  $       3.50
Foam Finger (Limited Quantities)   $       2.00
Water Bottle (Limited Quantities)  $       1.00
Recyclable Grocery Bag (Limited Quantities)  $       1.00
Pencil Bags (Limited Quantities)  $       0.50
Available to order
Adult and Youth Short Sleeve Tee – Gray  $       7.00
(Size S, M, L & XL)
Adult and Youth Hooded Sweatshirt – Navy  $    18.00
(Youth Size M & L; Adult size S, M, L & XL)
Additional Items
Wristlet Key Chain  $       5.50
(Limited Quantities: U of M, Michigan State, Tigers)