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Recess Games = Team Building

During the second week of school, we continued to focus on climate (BE NICE) in the classroom, hallways, lunchroom and playground.  To help students learn games for the playground, we paired upper el students with lower el students focused on fun, trouble free games.

Mrs. Jurewicz and a team of teachers led outside recess game training on September 18th.  You can view photos from this day on Mrs. Quigley’s blog. We will hold another day of training for grades 3,4 and 5 — and this training will culminate in a PULL (tug-o-war) to determine which local college is tops (Hope or Calvin).  This will be held on September 25 which is also our first popcorn day.  Details coming about how to pick your team in a post later this week.

We also created a video tutorial for inside recess games during rainy or very cold Michigan days.  Actors featured are from Mrs. Boersma, Mr. Gort, Mrs. Jurewicz, and Mrs. Bouwen’s classes.   These are games that can be played at home, too.

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