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Pre-Kindergarten is BACK!

From our Superintendent, Roxanne DeWeerd:  Pre-Kindergarten Reinstated

Hudsonville Public Schools will offer the same pre-kindergarten program next school
year as has been offered in the past.  Because of a significant change in the state funding
formula for pre-kindergarten that was to go into effect next school year, the program was
going to be dropped.  However, it now appears that the State will either delay the funding changes for two years or, hopefully, eliminate the changes completely.  Given that potential, pre-kindergarten will be reinstated for next school year.

Your building principal will be contacting all parents who had their children screened for kindergarten this spring.  If your child qualified for pre-kindergarten, you will be given the option to enroll your child in this program.  At Georgetown, Mrs. Giovanna Estefan will be teaching pre-kindergarten on the Monday/Wednesday full day rotation schedule.   Any open spots in this Pre-K class will be then be filled with  children who did not qualify but parents desire to have Pre-K over K.  Please be patient while we contact all parents.  This may take 3-5 school days to sort through.