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2nd Grade Statisticians

Did you know that second graders from Georgetown work on statistics? Mrs. Kuieck’s second graders became so skilled that they entered the GVSU Michigan Statistics Poster competition.

To create the posters, they worked in groups focused on a  topic of interest. They created a survey, compiled their data on a poster complete with the results of their study and the steps they took in the process.

The posters were submitted earlier this month in the state wide competition and the children have been anxiously awaiting the results.

Mrs. Kuieck is proud to announce a top five finalist group…..  Joanna ( Mrs. Quigley’s class),  Isabel ( Mrs. Quigley’s class) and Elise ( Mr. Jurewicz’s class)

AND… drum roll please…..  The 3rd place winners of the Michigan Statistics Competition….. Mikayla ( Mrs. Greenlund’s class), Marissa (Mrs. Kuieck’s class) and Olivia ( Mrs. Greenlund’s class)!

Each groups’ poster will go on into the National Statistics Poster Competition later in the spring.

Our third place winner’s poster will be on display at the GVSU Fieldhouse on Saturday, March 24  (beginning approximately mid morning).

They also will be receiving a plaque acknowledging their success as well as a monetary award.   WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!