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Georgetown Hosts United Kingdom Teachers

This past week, Hudsonville Public Schools hosted seven teachers and administrators from the United Kingdom. They were traveling to our district to learn more about our math curriculum and ways in which we support all levels of learners. The UK team spent a day with K-5 teachers reviewing math curriculum and observed instruction at Park, Jamestown, South and Georgetown Elementary Schools.

While visiting our school, the UK team was able to observe first grade number sense lessons, as well as second through third grade differentiated instruction, and fourth through fifth grade math, writing and reading. When the observations were concluded, we met with the team to process and answer questions. They were impressed with our students and the way in which they can explain their thinking while working on math. This made us smile with pride!

We hope to keep in touch with the UK team and their work abroad. Warm wishes to: Jenny Mayne, Karen Cockman, Joanne Nodder, Julie Ball, Catherine Clark, Rita McCracken, and Christobel Cousins!

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