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PTC Update

PTC MEETING:  MARCH: Just a friendly reminder that the PTC meeting for March has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 24.  This will be a very special PTC meeting as our Superintendent, Roxanne DeWeerd, will be attending also.  Please do not miss this one!!

WHAT’S THE SCOOP: If your child received an ice cream coupon from “What’s the Scoop” from the Walk-A-Thon we just wanted to make sure you knew they would still be honored once the store re-opens in the spring.  They will not expire!  : )

BOX TOP COMPETITION: Our recent BOX TOP winners:  Parker-395 (5, Burmeister); Erica-146 (3-Flory).  Max-259 and Systma-348.  Prizes include ESPN Gridiron Handheld Football Game, Eagle’s T-Shirt, Blue/Gold PomPoms.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Box Top Collections. The PTC has earned over $2,300 for classroom materials!

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