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Weekly Events, 3/16/09

It will be a busy and exciting week at Georgetown. We welcome parents of incoming K students (3/17/09) and prepare our 5th grade students for the transition to BMS (3/18/09). In addition, we have the book fair, K screening, and much more taking place. See the details below.

Mon 3/16 Day 3: Play to Learn in MPR at 9 am; Scholastic Book Fair in Media Center all week

Tues 3/17 Day 1: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!; K Round Up: 10 am and 7 pm in the MPR;
Music Therapy: ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm

Wed 3/18 Day 2: K Screening; 5th Grade to BMS for 6th Grade Visitation Day @ 10:30 am

Thurs 3/19: Day 3: K Screening

Fri 3/20: Day 1: MW PreK/K; Spring Equinox; Popcorn Day and Backwards Day; K Screening
MeapOnomics Mall Trip: 5th Grade (Bouwens/Burmeister)

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