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Teachers…many staying, a few seeking new adventures!

I know that many of you have heard that teachers all over the district are making changes in their grade or building due to the openings created by retirements within our district.  We do have some of our staff that are changing either grades or moving to other buildings because of openings that have been created.

Although I am not able to make the changes public at this time (honoring the time required for approval at all levels), I do want you to know that as grade level teams we have been meeting to make sure that student placements for the 2010-11 school year are the BEST placements for your children.

We feel confident and excited about the class lists and the teachers for each grade.  Once I am able to share the names and positions of each teacher, I will announce this via a blog posting.  Because positions may be approved in waves, I may be posting 2-3 updates as they come.

Please be patient…know that we have teachers who are making changes in grade or building are doing so because this is what is best for their career and families…and the teachers who move into these spots are making these moves because they are passionate about the children and teams at each grade group!

*Report Cards are mailed on Monday, June 14.  Your child’s next year’s teacher will be noted on the report card.  Class lists will be posted on the building on June 21.  If your child’s teacher name is “NEW TEACHER” know that an assignment is in process.  As soon as we are aware of the teacher name, I will announce this via the blog.

Mrs. Reagan

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