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Teacher Changes for the 2010-11 School Year

The State of Michigan’s teacher retirement incentive has opened positions in other buildings which has resulted in some of our staff members moving to new schools for a variety of reasons.
This is difficult for us as a school team because we value our colleagues as team members and school family members.  Their understanding of instruction and sense of professionalism has brought so much to our building community.  But, we also are working at celebrating their ability and desire to take risks, embrace change—and also are excited about the outstanding people that will be taking their places.  Some teachers are known—and I have listed them below.
Please be patient as I finish the interviewing process for other positions.  I ask that you trust me through this process.  I am working hard to fill these positions with teachers who have similar superior characteristics as those who are moving on to new adventures.

ALSO:  Please be aware that NO changes can be made to class lists.  As direct as this sounds, it is as honest as I can be about this request.   This will involve trust and patient on your end—along with talking positively about your children about the excitement of finding out a new teacher once I find the best teachers for each job.  PLEASE lower anxiety for your children and yourself…rather than raise it.

The changes are as follows:
  • Mrs. Nicole Sinke (Resource Room teacher) moving to Jamestown Elementary.  This will allow her to teach in the building in which her own children attend.  Position filled by Mrs. Megan Wert from Alward.  We are thrilled to have her join our team.

  • Mrs. Karen Weiss (M/W K teacher) moving to Park Elementary to teach full time K. This past year, Karen was traveling between Park and Georgetown for a full time position.  Her position at Park will allow her to be full time in one.  Position filled by Giovanna Estefan who was teaching PK in our  building.

  • Mrs. Dawn Nederveld (T/TH K teacher) moving to South Elementary to teach K.  Mrs. Nederveld would like to be closer to her own children’s school (Jamestown) and her husband’s school (High School).  Position to be filled by mid-summer.

  • Michael Gort (4th grade teacher) moving to Baldwin Middle School to teach math.  Before he taught at Georgetown he was a middle school math/computer teacher.  He has always wanted to go back..and a position became available.  For those who didn’t have Mr. Gort at Georgetown, you may have a chance when you reach BMS!

  • Position filled by:  Mrs. Mindy Huizenga (moving from 2nd grade at Georgetown)

  • Claire Boersma (4th grade teacher) moving to Baldwin Middle School to teach ELA.  Mrs. Boersma loves teaching readers and writers workshop…and this position will allow her to focus her strength on this area all day long.  If you didn’t have Mrs. Boersma at Georgetown, you now have a chance at BMS!

  • Position filled by:  Mr. Chris Bowen (moving from 3rd grade at Georgetown)

  • Mrs. Amy Jurewicz (4th grade teacher) moving to Baldwin Middle School to teach ELA.  Mrs. Jurewicz has been bitten by the ELA fire–and loves teaching readers and writers workshop…as much as Mrs. Boersma.  If you didn’t have Mrs. Jurewicz at Georgetown, you now have a chance at BMS!

  • Position to be filled by end of June/early July.

In addition, the following changes will be taking place:

2.  First Grade Extra Section Class (Bubble):  Filled by Miss Allison Taber.  Miss Taber was the long term sub and classroom teacher paraprofessional for Mrs. Stadt.  We are thrilled to have her join our team as a full time first grade teacher.

3.  Mrs. Beth Veldman (1st grade) taking a one year leave of absence.
Position to be filled by end of June/early July.

4.  Third Grade Extra Section Class (Bubble): TO BE FILLED LATE JUNE/EARLY JULY

5.  Mrs. McDonald moving to second grade to begin a looping class that will  together for second grade and third grade. (If you have concerns about your child being with one teacher for two years, please know that there is an option for students to move to a different third grade class at the end of the 2nd grade year.  More details this fall.)

6.  Mrs. Char Greenlund moving to third grade to “loop up” with her current 2nd grade class.

Again, thank you for your support and patience during this time of transition and exciting change!
*Class lists will be posted on Monday, June 21.
*NO changes to class lists will be made.

Mrs. Reagan
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