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Art Prize Family Field Trip

We took a family field trip to downtown Grand Rapids to visit Art Prize venues today.   There were hundreds of people, if not thousands, walking about and looking at the 1,200 pieces.  We saw less than a third and have hopes of returning to see more before the contest ends.

If you have followed the local press, you are aware that the top ten art pieces have been selected.  Each person in my family selected their top favorite views of the day.  My daughter, Kelsey loved the greeting card to the world, which made the top 75. My husband and I liked two of the top ten pieces:  He, the STEAM PIG EXPERIMENT and me, the Giant Penny.

Art prize favs

My son selected the piece that wasn’t a piece at all.  It was an attraction that happenedRalph, the skateboarding dog to be viewing the art with it’s owners.  This was Ralph, the skateboarding dog!   As he was skateboarding down the street, art goers would do a “double take” and turn away from the incredible pieces to watch this talented bull dog cruise past all the exhibits looking happy to have the attention!

When I finished taking pictures of Ralph, I turned around and ran into the Baker Family (Mom, Dad, Ashleigh, Corey and Zachary + friends).  It was great to see them enjoying Ralph and the art, too.

If you have been to art prize and have a favorite piece you would like to share, leave a comment on this post and I will make sure it is shared.

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