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A principal who wears…

BRACES?  Yes, you may have heard that I have braces.  Some of the questions I have gotten from the children are quite entertaining!

  1. You have braces?  Why?Braces Day
  2. Adults get braces?  Didn’t you have these already?
  3. Does your mouth hurt?
  4. How long will you have these on?
  5. Why don’t you have colored bands?

My answers have varied depending on the age of the child who asks!  I was one of those lucky people who had fairly straight teeth until some health issues softened my gum tissue — allowing my teeth to move.  Hopefully, my braces will be off by the spring of 2012!

And…YES…my teeth hurt like mad the first five days.  As a matter of fact, the throbbing was so intense that it felt like I had 600 aching teeth in my mouth.  I have great empathy now for all the children in the building who have gotten or will get braces.

And…no colored bands for me.  I would prefer to save this supply for the younger set!   I do have a supply of wax on hand to share with my braced friends.  Thank goodness for the was–it helps me forget about the new brackets and wires. Do I sound like a wimp yet?

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