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Taiwanese Visitors in May!

Our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary, will be coming for another visit this May!twoschools They plan to bring 30 students and six teachers for a two day visit.  The estimated date of arrival is May 1 (Sunday) with departure on May 3 (Tuesday).  We would meet them at school on Sunday for host family match up.

The ages of the students fall between 10 and 14 (grades 3-6).

The Raey Guang children would stay at your home for two nights—experiencing your family life, traditions, routines, language, food and fun.

This is a link to a post about the visit last year. It was incredible in every way.

If you are interested in hosting two students or one teacher in your home, please complete this survey.  RAEY GUANG HOST FAMILY

For those of you with smart phone barcode readers,  you can scan this code to take your survey from your phone.  How cool is this?!

barcode scannerrg

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