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Walk-A-Thon Pizza Lunch Winners

I had a wonderful Pizza Lunch with some of the top winners of our school WALK-A-THON!  JET’S Pizza kindly donated pizza and pop for the lunch.

As you can see from this photo, we ate and laughed and lingered over lunch together.  It was great for me–I ate lunch AND I got to spend time with seven incredible Georgetown kids!

Thank’s again to everyone who helped earn money for our school, and in particular for these seven top winners:

  • Reid Everts (PK – Boes)
  • Milena Sremba (K – Jabaay)
  • Mackenzye VanGeest (1st grade – Woodring)
  • Brandon Carr (2nd grade – Jurewicz)
  • Emma Everts (3rd grade – McDonald)
  • Victoria Mia Eggers (4th grade – Kooiker)
  • Paetyn Bentley (5th grade – Bouwens)



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