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Week 3: September 16-20


It’s our third week….already!   Routines and procedures are very well established due to a great community of learners and staff.

If your child is still not eating lunch, please let your child’s teacher know so that this can be passed along to lunch staff.  It takes awhile for our youngest learners to get used to the lunchroom and we want to make sure we are aware so we can provide extra TLC as necessary.  We add on extra time as needed.  Lunch is important…so please keep us posted.

We kick off the week with PICTURE DAY!  You will see the final results of the photos in late October.  A retake day will be scheduled for those who are absent or need another session.  Photos will be taken in the library.

Tuesday of this week is National Constitution Day — an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the writing of the Constitution.  Each classroom will discuss this historical document on Tuesday in a way that is appropriate to the age group/grade.

We also have another PIZZA NIGHT.  This week…MARCOS.  When you order your family pizza, provide a teacher name.  The class with the most pizza’s ordered under the teacher name will earn a pizza lunch on Marcos.  A portion of all profits goes back to our school PTC — and this money goes toward funding family activities.  Our first Pizza Night was with JET’s.  Winning class:  MRS. WALENTA’s 4th Graders.

At the end of the week, we kick off our one and only PTC all school fundraiser:  THE Trek for Tech Tools WALK-A-THON.  The Walk-a-thon takes place on September 26.  Each student is asked to raise money (asking friends and family to donate money for laps walked at school) with this money funding all of our events this year.  The events are run and managed by parents with the goal of supporting the school/family relationship and supporting learning in the classroom.  Prizes are awarded to top earners at each grade and individual awards.  Details for this will be arriving home soon.   Watch your child’s backpack…blog posts and emails.  This is our single most important fundraiser…and your donations are needed and appreciated!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan


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Pizza Lunch Stars

Lunch with Seth and his friend, Griffin.
There are many things I love about being the principal of Georgetown Elementary.   Eating lunch with the walkathon winners ranks high on my list of favorite things.  This week, I ate with the top grade level winners.
Because Seth had a field trip on Wednesday, I had two pizza lunches.  Wednesday’s lunch was with Isabelle, Patrick, Ethan, Leah and Sophie.  On Thursday, Seth invited a friend to join him –Griffin Baker.
We ate Jet’s pepperoni pizza, cinnamon sticks, drank pop and juice.    Two days of pizza with Georgetown kids = best part of being a principal!
  • K grade:  Seth Miller  (Mrs. Iwema’s Class)
  • 1st grade:  Isabelle Swiercz  (Miss Taber’s Class)
  • 2nd grade: Patrick Jones  (Mrs. Greenlund’s Class)
  • 3rd grade:  Ethan Impens  (Mrs. Vanderstel’s Class)
  • 4th grade: Sophia Vanderkolk  (Mr. Kooiker’s Class)
  • 5th grade:  Leah Vandenberg (Mr. Gort’s Class)
Patrick, Ethan, Isabelle, Sophie and Leah
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Marco’s Pizza Winner

Mrs. VanderStel’s class has won a pizza lunch from Marco’s!  How did they do this?  Their class ordered the most pizza’s on September 19 — our Georgetown Marco’s Pizza Night.  With every pizza ordered, a portion goes toward our PTC funds.  These funds help to support parent/child activities, frame art work, build our library with better books, etc.

The next Pizza Night is Tuesday, October 2:  JET’S PIZZA.  Order pizza for dinner and give your school and teacher name so your child’s class has a shot at a pizza lunch.

Congrats to Mrs. VanderStel’s Class!

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Our 3rd Week Ahead: September 17-21

Our days at school are flying by…and with each passing week, we are getting into a rhythm of the day that helps our time together to feel safe, predictable and comfortable.

Hallway Expectations

The photo above shows a 2nd grade chart for hallway expectations.  Each grade has one to help us focus on hallway expectations — and these have made a great difference in our hallway climate.  If you are in the building and see a class that is walking and/or moving about in a respectful, quiet way, please make sure to let them know and their teacher that you noticed!  Also, if a group of students becomes noisy near their lockers while you are volunteering, please remind them that they need to do this quietly so you can work with learners.   We know that our students are children who will bounce lively out of the classroom door and occasionally forget the hallway expectations.  They are, after all, children who are working hard at learning.  We also expect all children to respond respectfully to adult reminders to quiet down if needed.

Below is a snapshot of our highlights for the week ahead.  Included next week, is another PIZZA NIGHT.  This one is for Marco’s.

We would love to have you order Pizza on this night and pick it up at Marco’s.  Be sure to tell them your child’s class name (teacher name) so that this class gets credit for the order.  The class that orders the most pizza earns a free pizza party lunch.  A portion of all profits of pizza’s purchase go toward our school PTC which funds books for classrooms, family events, and much much much more.

Last week, Miss Taber’s first grade class won the JET’s PIZZA NIGHT.  Congratulations, first graders!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan



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Week 17: Will it feel like March or January?

Ahhhh….Michigan weather is so unpredictable and confounding.  During our first week of January, we had three days that were sunny and warm enough to be mistaken for early March.

I am not sure what the weather will bring for our second week and I wish you great luck in dressing your children for school each morning!   I remember the days of convincing my children that they needed to wear boots, mittens and hats as the snow was rapidly disappearing from the grassy areas.

My best advice is this:  Even thought the snow is melting, the playground is wet and the grassy areas muddy so wear those boots.  The wind whips through our playground areas, so mittens and a hat are must haves for outdoor wear at Georgetown.

It won’t be long and a good ol’ fashioned winter storm will arrive to remind us how important our winter accessories are in our lives.

A snapshot of the week ahead is below.  Remember, JET’S PIZZA NIGHT is TUESDAY!  I can’t wait to find out which class will win pizza for lunch from Jet’s.  Many thanks to the PTC and Mr. Cecchini for making this possible.


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Pampered First Graders

Mr. Bowen's Class Celebrated With Them I-PAD STYLE!

Mrs. Woodring’s class was our top earning class for the 2011 Walk-A-Thon!  This prize earned them very special service by the most well trained four star servers on this side of Lake Michigan:  Mrs. Reagan, Mrs. Nurenberg and Mrs. Ripley.  There was one top secret mission….that we can’t tell you about.  Enjoy the video…and thank you PTC for making this possible.


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Walk-A-Thon Pizza Lunch Winners

I had a wonderful Pizza Lunch with some of the top winners of our school WALK-A-THON!  JET’S Pizza kindly donated pizza and pop for the lunch.

As you can see from this photo, we ate and laughed and lingered over lunch together.  It was great for me–I ate lunch AND I got to spend time with seven incredible Georgetown kids!

Thank’s again to everyone who helped earn money for our school, and in particular for these seven top winners:

  • Reid Everts (PK – Boes)
  • Milena Sremba (K – Jabaay)
  • Mackenzye VanGeest (1st grade – Woodring)
  • Brandon Carr (2nd grade – Jurewicz)
  • Emma Everts (3rd grade – McDonald)
  • Victoria Mia Eggers (4th grade – Kooiker)
  • Paetyn Bentley (5th grade – Bouwens)



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Marco’s Pizza Night SUCCESS!

marcosThank you to everyone who participated in last week’s Marco’s Pizza Nights.  As a school, we raised $485.00.  This money will go toward supporting family events at Georgetown.

Mrs. Quigley’s class won the friendly competition–bringing in the most orders.  They will have a pizza lunch compliments of Marco’s Pizza.

Thank you to Mrs. Brouwer for providing time for the boxes to be decorated by each student. The unused pizza boxes will be sent home with each child in the next two weeks.  We want all children to have their boxes!

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BLOG BITS 1/14/11


NEWS FROM THE OFFICE……. Wow,  two weeks down into the new year!  Things have been going good here since we have returned from break.  So now that we are back in the swing of things it is time for another “Blog Bits”.

KINDERGARTEN INFO…… Kindergarten Roundup , March 8th,  7pm – Georgetown Elem.  A 10 am session will also be held the same day at South and Alward Elementaries.  You are welcome to attend Roundup at any building.

GIRLS ON THE RUN……IMPORTANT INFORMATION, PLEASE READ FOR GIRLS IN GRADES 3-5!  REGISTRATION IS TONIGHT! Don’t miss your chance to sign up for GIRLS ON THE RUN! Although the program doesn’t start until March, you must sign up now! All girls must also attend an open house/shoe fittings.

Fri. January 14, 2011, 3:40-6:00pm,  EvergreenElementary,Allendale Sat. January 15, 2011, 9:00am-1:00pm,  Center for Women in Transition-Holland

ART ROOM NEWS……. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE we are in need of some help for our wonderful Art teacher and the FEW volunteers she has!  Mrs. Brouwer and Heather Persch are in desperate need of volunteers to help hang art work.  When the art work is ready to be hung you as the volunteers can come any time that is convenient for you and work for as long as you are able.  If you are able to help Mrs. Brouwer and Heather Persch out with this please contact Heather at  Your time and help WILL be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

LIBRARY NEWS….. Please read the important message from Mrs. VandenBerg in regards to the new Overdue Library Book Email Notification system.  Some of you may have received an email this week informing you of overdue Library books.  These email notifications will be going out every Monday, beginning January 24, if your child has any books that are 21 days or more  overdue. We do not charge overdue fines so please don’t be alarmed.  The students are reminded weekly during their Library time of overdue books but may forget about these by the time they reach home.  Hopefully this will help get some of those books back.  Have a great day!  Mrs. VandenBerg

5TH GRADE NEWS…… Just a date to put on your calendar.  5th grade Camp informational meeting for parents will be held at Georgetown on Thursday, May 19 at 6pm.  It will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room.  There will a chaperone meeting immediately following the parent meeting.  It will be held in the library.

PTC NEWS….. The winner of the Jet’s Pizza night was Mrs. Bohl’s Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten class and they are getting their pizza party lunch today.  Way to go Kindergartners!!

Marco’s Pizza Night…… DECORATED PIZZA BOXES from Art class.  WOW!  KINDERGARTEN through 2ND GRADE should order on TUESDAY, JANUARY 18 and 3RD GRADE through 5TH GRADE should order on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19.  You may order either night but it would be most helpful if you could order on the designated night.  If you have siblings you are more than welcome to order for both on the same night.  Please try to allow extra time when ordering as this is a very busy night for Marco’s.  We hope you all enjoy this very FUN project!

COMMUNITY ED NEWS…….. FIRST of all,  I am attaching the Young Rembrandts flyer again.  These classes begin next week on Tuesday, January 18, but they are still looking for students to hold this class.  If you are interested please fill out the attached form or  register online at .

The other activities that have been offered since our last Blog Bits are Golf Lessons, Soccer Camp and Baseball Clinics.  You may print off the attached flyer for these activities or you may go to the Community Ed website and register for these classes online.

Georgetown Winter 2011YR




COMMUNITY NEWS……… Hudsonville Little League Registration Information
Registration info is at for AGES 4-18.  We also have a Challenger Division for disadvantaged kids.

Now Enrolling for Hudsonville Public School – Preschool, Kindergarten Care, Before and After School Care, and Summer Programs
Registration information can be found at the Hudsonville Public School website, under Early Childhood Programs or call 616-797-0842.

Free 4 year old Preschool (child must turn four by Dec. 1, 2011)
GSRP (Great Start Readiness Preschool) is a FREE state-funded preschool program for Hudsonville four year olds who meet certain criteria. This program allows children who qualify an opportunity to receive a high-quality preschool experience who may not otherwise have the chance. Parent/Guardian’s must provide transportation to and from the program.

Children meeting at least two of the 25 criteria listed on the application can qualify.
Some examples of the criteria include: household income, single parent, unemployed parent, and many others.

The Hudsonville Public Schools’ GSRP program has openings as long as state budget allocations allow. Families who show the greatest need will be enrolled first. Registration begins January 10, 2011. Registration information can be found at the Hudsonville Public School website, under Early Childhood Programs or call 616-797-0842.

Have a great day,

Mrs. Nurenberg  : )