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2011 Holiday Program Details

 The Thanksgiving Holiday is behind us and we are heading straight into a week filled with holiday shopping and program rehearsals.

On December 1 we will hold our all school Holiday Program at Fair Haven Ministries located on Baldwin St. and 28th Ave.   This program is organized and arranged by our music teachers, Mrs. Bretz and Mrs. Walenta.

Important details about this performance are as follows:

There are two separate programs:  

Grade PK-2 at 6 pm and Grades 3-5 at 7:15 pm.

Drop off times:

  • Grades PK-2 need to be dropped off between 5:30 and 5:45 in their assigned rooms.  The program begins at 6 pm.  Please keep your children’s coats with you.  If you have children in older grades, take them with you to watch the lower elementary performance.
  • Grades 3-5 need to be dropped off between 6:45-7 pm.  The program begins at 7:15 pm.   Please keep your children’s coats with you.  If you have children in younger grades, take them with you to watch the upper elementary performance.


  • Parents will be dismissed to pick their children up in the classrooms as soon as the program in completed.
  • Grades PK-2 will be dismissed as follows:  Parents of oldest and only children; Parents of more than one child in grades PK-2; Parents of children in Grades PK-5.
  • We will follow a similar dismissal for the Grades 3-5 performance at 7:45 pm, however, parents who are attending the middle school band performances will go first followed by oldest and only, etc.

Please note that based on rental guidelines with FAIR HAVEN MINISTRIES, we have been asked as a school community to follow these procedures outlined below.

  1. DOORS UNLOCKED at 5:30 pm.
  2. NO FOOD OR DRINK in the Ministry Center.
  3. Respectful use of property throughout the center.

The program will be video taped for all families.  A DVD of this program will be available now through December 9.   The DVD’s are made available through WCET.  The fee for the DVD is $15.00.  This fee is set by WCET–not Georgetown.  If you are interested in a DVD of the program, simply download this form and send it into to school.  DVD FORM 2011

We are looking forward to celebrating the holiday’s and your children’s vocal talents with you on December 1.


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