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Hockey Game: Staff VS 5th Graders

This is one of my favorite events of the school year!  The three top 5th grade hockey teams play against select staff members in a JUST for FUN tournament.

Each year, the fifth graders get faster, stronger and smarter….and I think you can figure out the matching descriptors for the staff!  Essentially, these kids provide an amazing one hour work out!

As you may have heard, I do get a little competitive and if a REF were present, may even spend some time in the penalty box.

We had a blast!  Thank you fifth graders and PE teachers for the game time.

Mrs. Reagan and the Eagle Fit Team:  Mrs. VanKoevering, Mrs. Nienhuis, Mrs. VandenBerg, Mrs. Bretz, Mrs. Walenta, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. Reifschneider, Mrs. Burdis, Miss Burmeister and Mrs. Bouwens.

And….Many thanks to the 5th grade photographers who took the photos for this slide show.

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