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Hockey Game: Staff VS 5th Graders

This is one of my favorite events of the school year!  The three top 5th grade hockey teams play against select staff members in a JUST for FUN tournament.

Each year, the fifth graders get faster, stronger and smarter….and I think you can figure out the matching descriptors for the staff!  Essentially, these kids provide an amazing one hour work out!

As you may have heard, I do get a little competitive and if a REF were present, may even spend some time in the penalty box.

We had a blast!  Thank you fifth graders and PE teachers for the game time.

Mrs. Reagan and the Eagle Fit Team:  Mrs. VanKoevering, Mrs. Nienhuis, Mrs. VandenBerg, Mrs. Bretz, Mrs. Walenta, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. Reifschneider, Mrs. Burdis, Miss Burmeister and Mrs. Bouwens.

And….Many thanks to the 5th grade photographers who took the photos for this slide show.

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Reigning Pillow Polo Champs!

You may have thought that the 2010 Superbowl Game was a great game, but the annual Staff vs 5th Grade Students Pillow Polo Match was RIVETING! What in the world is pillow polo: It is a sport similar to field hockey, but played indoors and with giant Q-tips for sticks. It is one intense, high energy game!

The 5th grade students put forward a good challenge, defensively and offensively. They were, however, out scored by the highly skilled staff. There was a penalty in the first half when Mrs. Kok (Mrs. Becky)  was caught high sticking…so, sorry Grace!

Mrs. Burdis held the goalie position and saved her team by preventing multiple scores by the opposing teams. The staff scored four goals, with the students scoring one goal the entire game. Go Mrs. Bouwens, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. VanKoevering, Mrs. Burdis, Mrs. Kok, Mrs. Reagan–thanks for great team work.

Many thanks to all the students, the staff (who will be sore for days) and Mrs. VanKoevering/Mrs. Nienhuis for setting up this event!

*Final Note: This was the 3rd consecutive year the staff has beat the socks off the 5th graders. So, if you are a fourth grader this year, watch out!

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