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Four Weeks to Go: May 14, 2012

It is our 34th week of school — just four weeks away from summer vacation.  This week is one of my absolute favorites of the year, the celebration of our writers.  We have worked all year long create just right stories to be displayed all over our building: lockers, walls, doors and windows.

Each grade has a designated time for tours…and all of you are invited!  This year, we have integrated art work into our celebration.  You will be astounded by the pieces produced by our third graders with the help of Mrs. Brouwer and their teachers.  Please come to share this celebration with us.  We promise you will be amazed by our writing.

We also have field trips, Marco’s Pizza Night and the PTC Mother/Daughter event this week too!

I would like to extend warm wishes for a happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful care givers of children and all things family.  I hope you have a wonderful day and get celebrated for all you do for those you love.

Mrs. Reagan

Four Weeks to Go: May 14-18, 2012
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