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The month of July is normally a very quiet month at Georgetown.  This past July proved to be an exception to this trend!  Due to changes in staffing throughout the district, teachers were able to make changes in grade levels and home buildings.

Leaving Georgetown for new adventures are as follows:

  • Mrs. Bouwens, 5th:  She will teach 5th grade at Alward Elementary.
  • Ms. Burmeister, 5th:  She will teach 6th grade science at Baldwin Middle School.
  • Mrs. Jabaay, K:  Maternity/Child Care leave to focus on her three beautiful boys!
  • Mrs. Becky Kok, PK:  She will teach PK at Bauer Elementary.
  • Mrs. Mandy Boes, PK:  She will  teach PK at Alward Elementary.

Grade Changes for the 2012-13 school year:

Joining Georgetown from other buildings:

  • Ms. Mackenzie Yankee:  South resource teacher will teach kindergarten.
  • Ms. Karman Vanderstel:  Bauer 3rd grade teacher will teach 3rd grade.
  • Mrs. Malyn VanKoevering:  Jamestown specialist teacher will teach 1st grade (one year leave for Mrs. Stadt).
  • Mrs. Kylee Katt:  Alward 3rd grade teacher will be one of our resource teachers.
Name Changes:
  • Just one…but so fun to announce:  Miss Chrisman was married this summer and became Mrs. O’Rourke

We are so excited to welcome all of our new staff members…and sad to see our good friends move on.  Mr. Rob (our intrepid custodian) and his team have been busy moving boxes and shelves and more.   Soon we will have everyone settled in so we can welcome all of you back to another fantastic school year.

Mark your calendars for our open houses in late August!  

Mrs. Reagan

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