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Happy Birthday, Milo!

We celebrated Milo’s 1 st birthday today!  The day opened with an all school sing-a-long of “happy birthday to Milo.”  Throughout the day, he visited all 24 classrooms — although I heard that due to class changes for math and science, Milo missed saying hello to some friends.  No worries though, he will be back again soon.

While visiting classrooms, many wondered how old Milo would be in human years.  There were many proposals — the most common being one human year = 7 dog years.  I found a DOG YEARS CONVERSION CALCULATOR which claims to be the most accurate predictor of age equivalence.  Based on this conversion, Milo at age one is now age 10.5 dog years.  In one year, he went from being a puppy to a fifth grader!

During the visits, Milo’s job was to walk by my side (unleashed) and stop to meet children whenever I stopped.  He also needed to follow the commands of sit, stay and come.  I am proud to report that he did exceptionally well — only straying on two occasions in search of Miss Taber and Mr. Gort, two teacher’s that seem to have the “just right” scratch behind the ears touch.

Many  thanks to everyone for making his special day so memorable.  Mrs. Wert’s class surprised him with some excellent jerky treats and Ellie presented him with a beautiful framed drawing.  As I type this post, he is snoring away by my side, dreaming of his next visit to Georgetown.

The video below is from last April when Milo first started his training as a therapy dog at our school

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