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Final Week of February

I took advantage of the sunshine today with a walk along the dunes at Holland State Park.  The panoramic photo above was taken with my iphone.    Can you spy Milo in the photo?  How about his small white friend, Cooper?  If you have not been to the beach to see it’s winter beauty, I urge you to do that sometime before spring arrives.

The week ahead  will go by fast for students!  It another four day week—teachers will be working on Friday to complete report cards and prepare for conferences, March 4-6.

We will be welcoming 2013-14 kindergartener parents to school during our Round Up meeting on Tuesday at 7 pm.  This meeting is for parents and is informational focused.  The meeting will run from 7-7:30 pm.  I am excited to meet all the new parents and begin preparations for our newest group of students.

Enjoy the sunshine today and tomorrow.  Looks like winter returns on Tuesday!

Mrs. Reagan

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Happy Birthday, Milo!

We celebrated Milo’s 1 st birthday today!  The day opened with an all school sing-a-long of “happy birthday to Milo.”  Throughout the day, he visited all 24 classrooms — although I heard that due to class changes for math and science, Milo missed saying hello to some friends.  No worries though, he will be back again soon.

While visiting classrooms, many wondered how old Milo would be in human years.  There were many proposals — the most common being one human year = 7 dog years.  I found a DOG YEARS CONVERSION CALCULATOR which claims to be the most accurate predictor of age equivalence.  Based on this conversion, Milo at age one is now age 10.5 dog years.  In one year, he went from being a puppy to a fifth grader!

During the visits, Milo’s job was to walk by my side (unleashed) and stop to meet children whenever I stopped.  He also needed to follow the commands of sit, stay and come.  I am proud to report that he did exceptionally well — only straying on two occasions in search of Miss Taber and Mr. Gort, two teacher’s that seem to have the “just right” scratch behind the ears touch.

Many  thanks to everyone for making his special day so memorable.  Mrs. Wert’s class surprised him with some excellent jerky treats and Ellie presented him with a beautiful framed drawing.  As I type this post, he is snoring away by my side, dreaming of his next visit to Georgetown.

The video below is from last April when Milo first started his training as a therapy dog at our school

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Open Library: July 24

Milo Reads About Trucks!

Our library will be open on Tuesday, July 24 from 10 am to 12 pm.  Please come to check out books and to say hello to these cool people:

Mrs. Bast, our incredible reading teacher.

Mrs. Greenlund, one of our second grade teachers.

Mrs. Woodring, one of our first grade teachers, and her son Hatter.

And…this Mrs. Reagan and Milo will NOT be at the library on Tuesday.  This is as change in our plans.  I will be at the last library day on July 31.

Mrs. Reagan



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Morning Surprise!

Milo’s pillow with the tooth underneath.

On Tuesday, Milo lost a tooth.  I put it under his pillow to see if he would get something in return from the ‘dog fairy.’

Many of you placed a guess as to what would be left behind in a survey posted on the blog.  Here are the results of the survey:

Bacon Treats were the leading vote getter.

And here is a photo of our happy Milo with the treat he found under his pillow in the morning!

Milo is HAPPY! He loves Beggin’ Bacon Strips!
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Guess Who Lost a Tooth?

Milo’s Tooth: 7/10/2012


If you were at open library on Tuesday, you might have seen Milo and his missing tooth.  I brought the tooth in to show everyone.

Isaac, a kindergartener in Mrs. Iwema’s room, told Milo that he had a missing tooth too…and even showed Milo.

Isaac showed Milo his missing tooth…and the one that is loose, too!

I was asked if I was going to put his tooth under a pillow and you know what I said, “OF COURSE!”

What do you think he will get from the Dog Tooth Fairy?  Place your vote here and tomorrow I will let you know what Milo found under his pillow.

Also, I added the photos from today’s library time to the slideshow at the right.  Check them out!  Hope to see you next week Tuesday!

Mrs. Reagan

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Milo Does Summer School

Milo and I work on training together.

While you are busy playing in the sunshine and splashing in the pool, Milo is taking classes to learn how to be a better puppy.

Each week, I take Milo to the Holland Petco to work with our trainer, James.  Milo and I have learned how to do the following together:  Sit, Shake, Down, Rollover, Come, Leave It,  and Walk on a Loose Leash.  He is doing well with all of these commands.  My personal favorite is LEAVE IT…which I use with the trash can, shoes, books (yes, he will chew on books) and other no-no objects in the house.  Click here to learn some of the hand signals and commands I use with Milo.

Milo goes to school with Murdock, a very happy black lab.   Milo has learned to not stand in the way of Murdock’s wagging tail–and so have I!

If you have learned anything new this summer, send a photo our way with a description of what you have learned and Milo and I will post this on the blog.

Here are some photos of our training sessions.

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Milo & the 2012 Heat Wave

I hope you have survived the 2012 Heat Wave!  Mrs. Brouwer’s thermometer read 105 degrees in Hudsonville and in Holland, mine read 104 degrees.  

Milo dealt with the heat wave in three ways:

  1. Sleeping over the top of the air conditioning vent.
  2. Swimming in the pool with visitors…like Mr. Bowen.
  3. Lying in deep holes…which he dug throughout my garden.
I recommend #1 and #2.  Choosing #3 results in a sudsy bath in the cold sprinkler!

Below is a video of one of Milo’s holes.   That was a huge hole for one small stick!  Enjoy the next few days of more normal West Michigan temperatures and sunshine!