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Walk Away from the Screen…

and grab a book!

Our Reading Teacher, Mrs. Bast, asked that we all use some of our holiday blog time to encourage parents and their children to remember to READ over the vacation.  She shared an article with us that emphasizes the luxury of reading during vacation time.

As you talk about the remaining week of vacation time, plan out how many minutes each day can be devoted to reading a book timetoreador a magazine.  If at all possible, build this time so that you and your child can read together — either the same book or each read your own.

My family and I will travel abroad to visit my daughter who is on her study abroad year.  In preparation for this trip (20+ hours of flying and 8+ hours of train travel), I have selected some great books to help the travel time seem more pleasurable.  When I am home over a wintery vacation, I wait until the snow if falling and mix up some hot chocolate, grab my favorite blanket and curl up on the couch with my book and the dogs.

Do all you can to carve out time for your child to read — and make it an enjoyable time together.  Remember, turn off the screens…put them away so that these are a distraction.  Make the time and sit down and read together for just a few minutes every single day.  This focused time will help your child in reading in school and in life.



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