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Walk Away from the Screen…

and grab a book!

Our Reading Teacher, Mrs. Bast, asked that we all use some of our holiday blog time to encourage parents and their children to remember to READ over the vacation.  She shared an article with us that emphasizes the luxury of reading during vacation time.

As you talk about the remaining week of vacation time, plan out how many minutes each day can be devoted to reading a book timetoreador a magazine.  If at all possible, build this time so that you and your child can read together — either the same book or each read your own.

My family and I will travel abroad to visit my daughter who is on her study abroad year.  In preparation for this trip (20+ hours of flying and 8+ hours of train travel), I have selected some great books to help the travel time seem more pleasurable.  When I am home over a wintery vacation, I wait until the snow if falling and mix up some hot chocolate, grab my favorite blanket and curl up on the couch with my book and the dogs.

Do all you can to carve out time for your child to read — and make it an enjoyable time together.  Remember, turn off the screens…put them away so that these are a distraction.  Make the time and sit down and read together for just a few minutes every single day.  This focused time will help your child in reading in school and in life.



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Who’s that behind Lorenzo and Ezra?!

Here is a picture of Ezra and Lorenzo just before their nature walk today at the Outdoor Discovery Center.  Do you see what is standing behind them?  And…check out the raccoon walking across the wall!

The weather during our break was perfect for doing all kinds of things outdoors and this is one of my favorite spots to visit.

Lorenzo and Ezra at the Outdoor Discovery Center
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Spring Break Highlights

It’s Wednesday, which means we are half way through our vacation.  This also means we have 50% of our vacation remaining to enjoy.

I would love to share some of your vacation adventures on our blog.  Please send me an email or a blog comment and I will dedicate a post to you.  If you’d like, include a photo.  If you don’t a have photo, draw a picture and take a photo of this.  I will post a drawing of your vacation to the blog.


My vacation was called, STAY HOME.  Some people call this a “stay-cation.”  For me it was just right for resting, reading, working in yard, walking on the beach….and (drum roll) getting a PUPPY!  His name is Milo, a mix of King Charles Spaniel, Bichon and Poodle–a non-shedding dog.  Milo is just 8 weeks old, weighing in at 5 pounds.

My four year old cavachon, Cooper, is adjusting to this new family member. Every once in awhile, I catch him looking toward me with an annoying glance.  Milo loves Cooper.  He has learned to wait until Cooper is sleeping before he cuddles up by his side!

Nap time for Cooper and Milo

I am sure that you will meet Milo one of these days.  Mrs. R and I are going to train him to be a therapy dog.  This will take some time –but it will be worth it.  We hope Milo thinks so too!

Looking forward to hearing about your vacation!

Mrs. Reagan



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Happy Spring Vacation!

imgresI know that many of your are heading out for a week of vacation outside of Michigan and some are staying in the area.  Please complete this just for fun survey to help us get an idea of who is doing what for our week away from school!  I will share the results on April 12.

To participate, click on this link:  Where will you be spending your spring vacation?

I hope to have the GOT TALENT videos uploaded to our blog by the end of the coming weekend.  Check the page tab in the upper left corner of the blog for the links.

For those of you who are home, feel free to complete the Class Placement Survey for next year.  The blog post that explains this can be found here: PARENT SURVEY INFORMATION

Class Placement Survey for PARENTS:  UPDATED on March 30, 2011.

Wishing you all safe travels and wonderful adventures…and fun times wherever you are the week of April 4-8!

Mrs. Reagan

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My Summer Vacation Highlight

The summer weather was cooler than expected, but that didn’t impact our summer vacation plans.  As a family, we traveled to our all time favorite city — Chicago.  This city has much to offer to each member of my family:  Chicago Cubs for my baseball crazed son and husband, shopping for my daughter, and great food and people watching for me.

One of the highlights of our trip this summer was to Millennium Park, located in the heartof downtown Chicago.  We Vacation Beansaw the incredible ampitheatre, walked through the gardens, played in the waterfall scultpures, and walked under and around the Cloud Gate Sculpture. Because it is in the shape of a huge silver lima bean, we call it the BEAN.  Here is a picture of it, with our family in the reflection.  You can see us only if you magnify it 1,000 times!  I love this picture because it shows the beauty of the sculpture against the skyline of Chicago.

I hope you had a great summer vacation too!  If you want to find out about other teacher’s vacations, visit their blogs and type the word vacation into the blog search area.

Happy Hunting!

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Binoculars needed for our 1st Scavenger Hunt!

It’s Time For our first:


Our first hunt of the year is designed to introduce you to all the blogs in the school–and to also introduce you to the staff at Georgetown.

The theme of this hunt is:  VACATION.  Each staff member created a blog post about their summer vacation with a photo.

Your job is to hunt through all the blogs and find ONE of each:

  1. A prek or kindergarten teacher’s summer vacation spot.
  2. A 1st  grade teacher’s summer vacation spot.
  3. A 2nd grade teacher’s summer vacation spot.
  4. A 3rd grade teacher’s summer vacation spot.
  5. A 4th grade teacher’s summer vacation spot.
  6. A 5th grade teacher’s summer vacation spot.
  7. A special teacher’s summer vacation spot (art, music, pe, reading, speech, ecse, or principal)


For those of you who have never participated, the rules are simple:

  • Search all the Georgetown blogs linked to this site.
  • Keep a list of blogs where you found your items.
  • When you have found all the items, submit your answers on the SCAVENGER HUNT ENTRY FORM.
  • Everyone who enters by September 24 will be included in the school wide drawing.  Drawing on September 25 at 1:30 pm.
  • Student winner receives:  Pumpkin Carving Set and a Barnes & Noble Gift Card.  Winning class (those who have the most students participate in the scavenger hunt) receive Mrs. Reagan as the teacher for one hour!
  • All those that enter will be added to the Reading Counts Drawing (held in December)