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Rolling into a 2014 Routine!


We are hoping for a five day week of routine.  A week without an ice day, snow day, wind chill day and a polar vortex day.  As fun as snow days can be — every now and then — three in a row crimps our teaching and learning routine. So, kids…no more snow day tricks like ice cubes in the toilet and wearing  your PJ’s inside out because we have some catching up to do at school!

This week our fourth graders finish up their swimming lessons at the high school.  We also have another school pizza night — this time with Marco’s.  Remember….if you order a pizza, pass along the teacher’s name and your child’s class will get credit.  The orders are tallied by class and the winning class receives a pizza lunch at school.  This is one of the many fundraising events that our PTC board organizes.  All profits going toward supporting family and school events.

Remember to check your child’s class blog for events that are classroom specific.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan



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