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Week 26: March 2-8, 2019

It’s time to pause and celebrate the following number measurements:

  1. 50+ OUSTANDING’s classes earned for 4S (silent, straight, single file, hands by side) Hallway Walking in the past two weeks.  This was our February school improvement focus.
  2. Two 5 DAY weeks in a row with no snow days or delays!
  3. 85% Satisfaction reviews from parents, staff and students regarding the climate. learning and opportunities at Georgetown.  We have some areas for growth and we’ll plan for these this spring.
  4. Thirteen school days until the Spring Equinox and 19 school days until Spring Break!

The month of March focus is MISTAKES are OPPORTUNITIES for LEARNING. As a teaching staff, we try to remind our students that we have made many mistakes as we’ve grown as learners and people and it has been those mistakes that improved our learning.

This week, our fifth graders visit Baldwin Middle to tour the building and learn about the course offerings.  Parents of 5th graders — visit the class blogs for reminders of all the events coming up for your child this spring.  (Blog links to the right.)

We have Jet’s on  Thursday and an early release on Friday.

Also, in preparation for losing an one hour of sleep on Sunday (UGH), we will have ALL SCHOOL PJ DAY on Friday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Reagan



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