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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Monday, August 24


Dear Parents,


Welcome back to school!  For those new to our school, know that you are joining a caring community of students, families and teachers.  Georgetown opened in September 2006 and since that time the school and its staff has been committed to maintaining a climate that is safe, caring and focused on supporting learners of all ages and abilities.  We are starting our 15th year as a school — and each year brings more adventures in learning and growing together.


This year we have some changes in our staff due to teachers changing grades, moving in from other positions in the district,  or shifting to Eagle Virtual.  We have 24 K-5 teachers (four sections of each grade) plus 10 specialists excited to welcome you back to school!   Please subscribe to our school blog to stay up-to-date on all the happenings at Georgetown and to receive any information we share out:  


You will be receiving important forms that need to be reviewed, completed and returned to school ASAP.  Thank you in advance for doing this important paperwork for us.


Required forms that MUST be returned to office:

  • Family Compact (pink paper)
  • Student Profile Sheet (white paper)
  • Covid-19 Health Screening Commitment 
  • Medical Forms if your child needs medication at school.  (forms to be found on blog)


Important information to review on the blog:

  1. Go to
  2. Look under this tab:  FORMS & PROCEDURES
  3. Review the following:  Elementary Guidelines, Medications at School, Background Check Form, Accident Insurance, Meal Plans (Breakfast and Lunch), Bus Pass Request/Procedures.
  4. Background Check:  MUST BE COMPLETED EVERY YEAR.  (Although we cannot welcome volunteers into GES at this time, we hope to be able to in the future.)
  5. Parent Club:  We have a very active Parent Club.  We are always in need of more support for activities related to learning and fun.   Information posted regularly on the  blog.  Contact person for PTC:  Audrey Straub
  6. Subscribe to your teacher’s blog.  They should have emailed that information to you or you can find a link to their blog on the Georgetown Blog 


Randy Waldie, Principal  

Phone:  797-9797 ext 7010 



In order for your child to take any medication (prescription and non- prescription) at school, a MEDICATION FORM is required and must be brought to the school office by a parent or guardian, please do not send this with the child.  If your child requires prescription medication (asthma inhaler, epi-pen, insulin) your physician must complete a portion of the form.  The medication form is available in the school office and the school blog.



Georgetown staff is focused on promoting healthy living initiatives.   One important initiative is a “POP FREE     LUNCHROOM and POP FREE CLASSROOMS.”   Please keep this in mind when you provide lunch for your child at school.



Please inform us immediately if your child has a NUT, MILK or other critical allergy.  As a staff, we take food allergies very seriously and do all that we can to create a safe environment at school.  We have a nut safe lunch room table and milk safe lunch room table.  Students who need to sit at these tables can have friends join them with permission.  A lunch assistant will check lunches to be sure that those who join the table have nut or milk safe lunches for that day.  

Our number one goal is to make the lunchroom safe for ALL students who are eating.   In addition to this, certain classrooms are NUT SAFE and these rooms will be marked accordingly.   If your child is in a NUT SAFE classroom, DO NOT send any snack related food to school that contains nuts. If your child has a food allergy that we are not aware of, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. 



NO BUS CHANGES for preK and kindergarten students.  LIMITED changes to Grades 1-5 for a permanent scheduled change or emergency situation.  Details explained below.

Only requests for extenuating circumstances will be accepted (no changes for play dates). Bus passes are to be used ONLY when making a PERMANENT regularly scheduled change or an emergency situation.  If the pass is approved, transportation will notify the school office. The school office will notify the classroom teacher.

NOTE: Form must be completed by 10:00 am on the morning of the bus change. Late requests will NOT be honored.

Link to BUS PASS can be found on the school blog, Forms and Procedures, BUS PASS.  Questions about policy, contact Transportation:  616-669-7757


Student Accident Insurance

Our district provides accident coverage for all students. Coverage is intended as a brief description for reference only and is not the policy. Only ACCIDENTS that occur in school-sponsored and supervised activities including participants in interscholastic sports are covered.  This is on our blog under Forms and Procedures.


This is a very busy time in the school drive and hallways and will be especially busy this year.  Follow these procedures for safety/security:

CHILD DROP OFF:  If you are dropping your child off at school, please do this in the front circle drive.  This year, due to changes brought on because of the pandemic, please DO NOT DROP OFF BEFORE 8:35 a.m.  Your child will then exit your vehicle (passenger side only for safety) and enter the building.  Students will NOT go to the playgrounds in the morning this year, but right to their classrooms.  Once inside the building, we will walk groups of students to their classrooms.  Older students, who know the building will be allowed to proceed to their classrooms on their own.   If your child arrives after school begins, you must walk him/her into the front office and sign your child in for the day.  Our school secretaries will have a sign-in log available at the front desk.  Your child will then walk to his/her classroom.


CHILD PICK UP: For those of you who pick your child up after school, please park in the lot and wait outside the building, on the south side of the cafeteria, near the outside door of the cafeteria.  Please do your best to remain respectful of others and abide by social distancing standards.  A Georgetown employee will be there to greet you, find out which child(ren) you are there to pick up, radio into the cafeteria to have the child(ren) sent out.  If your child normally rides the bus, SEND A NOTE ADDRESSED TO THE TEACHER AND DATED indicating that you will be providing pick up.  If it is a last minute change, inform the office no later than 3:00 p.m.  Follow the pick-up procedure listed above after informing us of the change.

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