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From Hudsonville to Pingtung

Our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary, has a very important piece of student art work on display in their school. Mrs. Chung Wen Yu, the principal, came to Georgetown on October 22, 2008. Mrs. Yu was presented with the art work as a gift.  Upon her return, she presented this to the students and staff and has it on display at the school.  This special gift that was created by our students with Mrs. Brouwer’s assistance.  As we work to establish communication between the schools, I will update parents via the blog.



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Introducing Raey Guang Elementary–Our Sister School

Raey Guang Elementary School is located in Pingtung, a city in the southern portion of Taiwan. The school is situated in an urban area, and considered to be “medium” sized. There are 36 classes, grades 1-6. A total of 1,200 students attend the school, taught by a faculty of 64. (Comparison to Georgetown….20 classes, grades PK-5, 571 students, 20 Pk-5 teachers.)

Chung Wen Yu is the principal, and she is assisted by five directors. These directors handle curriculum, counseling, student affairs, and a variety of other duties. Raey Guang has received two distinguished certifications from the Ministry of Education for recognition of teachers who integrate informational technology into the classrooms.

Parents of the school children come from a higher socioeconomic background and place great importance on their children’s education and academic performance. To find out more about Taiwan and the educational system, click on Taiwan Education.

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Holiday Program: December 4, 2008 @ 7 pm

Our upcoming holiday program will be held on December 4 at 7 pm.  The location this year will be Resurrection Life Church in Grandville.  The size of this church will allow us to hold one program for all PK-5 students as opposed to two separate programs.

Doors will be unlocked at 6:30 pm.  Please do not arrive prior to this time period.  Each class will have an assigned drop off location, and these details will come home the week after Thanksgiving.

Directions to Resurrection Life Church:  Google Map

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School Calendar: Dec 08 to June 09

Our school calendar can be found by clicking on: school-cal-12-1-08

If you have questions about specific events related to your child’s classroom that are not on this calendar, contact your child’s teacher via email. Email addresses for each teacher can be found on our district website homepage. You will be able to email your teacher directly from this site. Georgetown Staff Emails

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Georgetown Thoughts and Prayers

I would like to ask you to keep two very important Georgetown family members in your thoughts and prayers. Mrs. Lisa Kuieck will be undergoing surgery in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Hospital, early Monday morning.  This surgery is being done to remove a benign tumor from her pituitary gland.  Mrs. Kuieck has been treated for this during the past year.  Mrs. Karyn McIntire will be her substitute teacher through December 1.

Another very important person to hold in your thoughts and prayers is Jared Mills, our brave and confident 3rd grade student.  Jared will be undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his optic nerve. The surgery will take place Monday morning, and Jared will be recovering for 4 weeks.  His parents posted a Q & A about Jared’s surgery on their Care Page.  It is outstanding in terms of content and touching in terms of our their unique ability to care for us while they are caring for Jared.  To read this post, visit

The login is as follows:  jaredmills

Mrs. Reagan


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Time and Talent Winners

Thank you for your patience while we sort through the winning bids for the Time and Talent Auction.     Mrs. Burdis and Mrs. Walenta worked to be 100% accurate with the time of the bid submissions and the highest bid for each item.

The winners are listed in the pdf document: Time and Talent Winners

The entire staff would like to extend their gratitude to you for participating in this important event. The money earned goes toward establishing a science scholarship to be awarded each year, beginning in 2016 (the year Grace would have graduated from HHS).  This fundraiser has earned over $2000.00.

Your support means so much to us…and the Thatchers.

Mrs. Reagan