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January is ripe for…

viruses!  If your family was healthy over the holidays, CONGRATULATIONS!  If not, I am so very sorry.  I do know how horrible it can be to have sick children around the holiday season.

Please be aware that we have many different types of viruses afflicting children at school.  These range from stomach viruses (one lasting up to three weeks…ugh), to impetigo, step throat, respiratory illnesses, and nasty cases of true blue flu.  

Each time we have a sick child in the office area and health room, Mrs. Ripley and Mrs. Nurenberg sanitize the phones, chairs, and counter area.  We do this to ensure that these viruses do not spread from student to student and to the staff. 

If your child does come down with an illness, please keep him/her home for 24 hours following the end of a fever or last signs of viral symptoms.  This will help us to eliminate the spread of some of these viruses.

Thank you for your help!  Mrs. Reagan

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Holiday Wishes from Australia

Hello Mrs T Reagan,
Congratulations upon your great Educational Leadership in creating your school Blog.I keep an eye on it via Edublogs Supporters and have passed the link on to some Principals here in Melbourne Australia. It is a warm day here as I write on Christmas Eve, It is going to be 27C which is 80.6 in Farenheit. I wish you a restful and wonderful holiday period.
Best Regards,
PS Please let me know if your students require Australian Pen Pals at any time.

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Reading ROCKS!

It is hard to believe the first Reading Counts party is already over!  The students had fun at the various stations which included playing games, making their very own pet rock, watching a cool science experiment with paper mache volcanoes made by Staci Niebor, and having a healthy snack of trail mix. The parties in the afternoon truly enjoyed our special guest, Jonny Nelson, talk about interesting facts on mountain climbing.  At the end of the party, each student received rock candy as a special treat for all their hard work. Good job students of Georgetown Elementary for achieving your 100% Reading Counts goal! Video below…


The Reading Counts celebration certainly would not have been possible without help from all the wonderful parents, staff, and many others who took time out of their busy schedules to be volunteers.  Thank you to the volunteers for all your help to make this celebration a true success!

Mark your calendars! The next celebration will be Friday, March 13, 2009.  Kelly Keur and Kelly Barz has changed the bulletin board to the solar system!  Be sure to watch as the “stars” go across the board marking the 100% of each student’s goal.   Mrs. Roon, Reading Counts Chairperson

Many thanks to Mrs. Roon and all the volunteers…and Mrs. VandenBerg, From Mrs. Reagan

Invaluable Volunteers:  Kari King, Randy Hinken, Michelle Hinken, Julia Lyon, Erica Segard, Amy Gosset, Julie Peterson, Liz Fetkenhour, Cindy Tiesman, Mrs. Boersma, Michele DeWinter, Margaret Applebee, Janet Stark, Staci Niebor (who made 17 volcanoes), Mrs. Bouwens, Michelle Wierenga, Shellie Martinie, Angel Truman, Regina Smith, Lori Wilson, Kelly Keur (who made the mountain bulletin board), Mrs. Flory, Mrs. McDonald, Lisa Mulder, Jamie Ham, Christine OConnell, Kelly Ford, Jacki Boeve, Pam Eggers, Kelly Barz, Jennifer Conkel, Tonya Byers, Julie Randolph, Jonny Nelson (our mountain climber)!

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PK/K Round Up, 2009

It is hard to believe that we are thinking ahead to our our 2009 pre-kindergarten (PK) and kindergarten (K)  children!  In the world of scheduling, we must begin to plan and prepare for our newest and brightest group.   If you have an incoming PK and K child, please mark your calendars for these dates:

March 17, 2009:  PK/K Round Up – Information about the PK/K enrollment, screening and school procedures.  This will be held in the Georgetown Multi-Purpose Room at 10 am and 7 pm.  Select one time to attend; the information is simply repeated both times.

Screening for PK/K will be held on March 18, 19, 20 and 24.  The screening takes approximately 30 minutes.  When you turn in your registration for PK/K, you will schedule the screening time.  It is your option to have your child screened.  If you feel that your child is ready for K, you do not need to have the screening done.  If you would like more information to help you decide, schedule the screening.  Results are shared at the time of the screening.

Registrations for PK/K are available in the school office beginning in January.

More details to come….



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