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A Guide to Our Blog

To help you become acquainted with our school blog (and our classroom blogs), I created a guide that serves as a glossary for all the important sections of our blog.   Our blogs serve as a critical communication tool and much more:

  • Communication is frequent and ongoing.
  • All posts are tagged with key words and placed in categories to help you find all types of information easily and quickly.   Many parents will misplace newsletters or notes (myself included) and these blogs hold all the information indefinitely.
  • Because the information is stored throughout the year, the blogs serve as a yearbook or journal of our school events/news.
  • In the past year, we used 100,000 fewer pieces of paper as a result of switching from weekly newsletters to frequent blog updates.  Blogging helps us to BE GREEN and environmentally friendly. Families without internet connection receive a copy of the blog each week.

To view the guide to our blogs, simply click on this form:  Guide to Blog Brochure Guide to Blog

And, do not hesitate to ask us questions about how to find your way through the blogs.  We are happy to help at anytime!

Mrs. Reagan