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Notes from the Office

Mrs. Nurenberg and Mrs. Ripley (our two fabulous, incredible administrative assistants) have some items to pass along:


• Prompt After School Pick Up for Car Riders:  Please remember to be prompt and considerate when picking up your students after school.  We have been having some issues with students not being picked up on time after school.   All students should be picked up by 3:45.  Thank you for your help with this!  We really appreciate it!!

• Changes in After-School Transportation for Bus Riders:  If your child does not have a note explaining changes in going home procedures, your child will be put on the bus as usual or sent home in their usual manner.  Please for your children’s safety and confusion here at school send a note for any alternative plans after school.

Mrs. Ripley and Mrs. Nurenberg thank you for your help with these matters.