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Blog Spotlight

As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite Sunday afternoon activities involves reading through our school blogs and then highlighting the work being done by our incredibly skilled staff members.  The teachers in this building are progressive and focused at all times on how to improve their instruction so that they can improve student learning–no matter what it takes.  Their plates are full…and their hearts are huge.

In addition, they happen to work with me, a tech geek principal who understands the future of paperless communication, and the need to create blogs, wiki’s and classroom/personal learning networks.  They are very patient with me…willingly take baby steps with me toward this goal.  And they do this IN ADDITION to everything else!

For these reasons, I feel it is imperative that I celebrate their work on blogging and encourage you to visit our blogs.  Please leave comments…and we will do our best to get back to you!

This week, I would like to celebrate our specialist blogs.  We are very lucky to have teachers within our building who have additional training in cognitive impairments, speech/language, and learning challenges.  Because these teacher’s roles range from servicing students within the classrooms (inclusion) as well as pulling out (focused instruction in a separate classroom), their blogs are a work in progress.  Each teacher is sorting out how to best support parents–with resources and information about student learning.

Mrs. Sinke, Resource Room:  Learning Disabilities

Mrs. Reifschneider (Mrs. R), Resource Room, Learning Disabilities

Mrs. Rebecca Kok (Miss Becky), CI Room:  Cognitive Disability

Mrs. Speidel/Mrs. Karel, Speech & Language Pathologists

Mrs. Murphy/Mrs. VanderPloeg: ECSE:  Early Childhood Special Education