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Week 23 of School: Feb 22-25, 2011

I hope that your winter break has gone well!  We have a four day week ahead AND it is a busy one, too.

If you have conferences with Mrs. Bohl on Tuesday, these will be held in the her classroom during your before or after school scheduled time.

The fourth and fifth graders will begin their day on Tuesday with a guest speaker who will talk about cyber-bullying.  This will take place at 9 am in the MPR if you are interested in attending.  The speaker is Mike Skupin–he will be traveling to all the schools on Tuesday.

I included the events for next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will be holding Parent/Teacher Conferences in the late afternoon evenings on those dates.

REMEMBER:  Get your classroom basket donations in by February 23.  The tickets for the baskets ($1.00) each will be sold next week (Feb 28, March 1 and March 2) at lunchtime and during Parent Teacher Conferences.   Many thanks to Chloe Patrick who reminded me to get this in the blog update!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Reagan

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