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Mrs. Brouwer’s Gallery Showing

Mrs. Brouwer, our talented and nationally recognized art teacher, is showing her collage and fiber art at the Gallery Uptown in Grand Haven!  Her opening was this on Friday evening and several of us attended this very special event.

It is quite an honor and accomplishment to be selected for a gallery showing!  Mrs. Brouwer is very humble and does not like to be in the spot light, so the gallery event was forcing her to step outside of her comfort zone.

I must tell you, she looked beautiful and so did all of her pieces.  I snapped a few photos of the artist sharing her work as well as a one of my favorite fiber creations (Hope) and the decorative and functional wool covered soaps.  You can find out more about her work on her school art blog and her Valley View Farm Fiber blog.   If you visit her Valley View blog, you will see the sheep that share their wool…and contribute to some of her work!

josey's collage