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Red Tailed Hawk

While walking outside to the 2/3 playground today, we spotted a red tailed hawk on the pond deck.    The hawk was focused on finding his lunch in the pond area below.   To get this photo, all nine of us walked very slowly and quietly toward the deck, hoping the hawk wouldn’t be startled by us.

I managed to get this photo of him turning his head toward us.

Red Tailed Hawk

Seconds later,  I snapped this photo of  the hawk taking flight for the trees across the pond.

Hawk Leaving

You can see how well his feathers blend in with the colors in his habitat–especially the fall colored leaves.  Our pond area is home to mallard ducks, herons, hawks, falcons, mice, frogs, toads and much more.

Many thanks to my hawk watchers for their hawk like vision and their ability to sneak up on wild life so very quietly!

Hawk Watchers