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Good Friday afternoon!!!


Well it is that time of year again, believe it or not!!??  The Kindergarten questions are beginning to roll into the office.  So we will give you the information that we currently have.  Kindergarten Round-Up will be held here at Georgetown on Tuesday, March 9 at 7pm. I’ve also attached a copy of the Vision and Hearing Testing Schedule from the Ottawa County Health Dept.  It will have all the dates, times, and locations of the upcoming testing.  For a complete run down of all Kindergarten information from the district please visit

HV PreK 2010


The office still has available 2 Holiday DVD’s.  This will be available on a first come, first served basis.  These DVD’s are available for $20.


Don’t forget to order you Hudsonville Physical Education apparel.  These order forms came home with the students this week from their gym class.  These orders are due on Friday, January 29.  If you need another order form, please stop by the office.

Also it is time again for the “Jump Rope for Heart”.  These donation envelopes also came home with the students this week.  We do have a few extra in the office of these too.  “Jump Rope for Heart” forms are due back on February 15. Please return the apparel form and the “Jump for Heart” envelopes to Mrs. Nienhuis/Mrs. Van Koevering.  I have also attached the link to the PE teachers blog for more information regarding these two items.


Our Mother/Daughter event is coming soon.  “Make a Memory with Mom” will take place on Saturday, February 6 from 1:00-4:00pm.  It will be held right here at Georgetown in the Multi-Purpose Room.  The cost will be $10/personThe sign-up form must be turned in by Friday, January 22!!! I will attach the form to sign up.  Hope to see all Georgetown girls there!!!!

Memories with Mom RSVP 2010


Just a couple of dates to get on your calendar.  The Parent meeting for 5th grade camp will be held on May 11.  It will be held here at Georgetown in the Multi-Purpose Room.  The other date I have for you right now is Monday, June 7.  This will be the date of the 5th grade Celebration.  The actual activity is being kept on the down low, as we want it to be a surprise for the 5th grade students.  Stay tuned for more upcoming dates.  The upcoming months will be getting busy for these kids.  We will keep you posted with camp info, Middle School Visitation and any other important info  that you may need.


There are three new activites out from Community Ed.  Golf Lessons will be available for students in grades 1-8 and starts February 4.  The Girls Volleyball Clinic  is available for girls in grades 3-6.  The first session of this will begin on February 8.  The last one is Learn to Skate and is available for students and children starting at age 4.  I will attach all of these enrollment forms, but if you have any further questions please visit the Community Ed website at, or call 669-7747.

GolfForm2010 3rd-6thvolleyball-10 2010WinterRollerskate-1


Georgetown Little League……..Georgetown Little League in-person registration will occur on January 16 & 23 from 9 – 1 at the Jenison High School Media Center.  Online registrations are open now and will run through at least February 14 with some divisions having late registration with a $10 late fee until February 28Little League is open to girls who are 5 before 12/31/09 and boys who are 5 before 4/30/10.  If you live north of Port Sheldon and east of 56th Ave , Georgetown Little League is your Little League.  More information is available at or you may call Rob at 437-5054.

Hudsonville Little League……. Hudsonville Little League Sign-Ups are being held Jan 23, 27, & 30 at Unity Christian High School.  For more information and to PRE-REGISTER, please go to now!!!

Well I think this is it for this week.  Enjoy your weekend!!!

Mrs. Nurenberg  : )

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Kindergartener’s First Day

If you have a pre-kindergartener or kindergartener starting school this year, please keep in mind that the start dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday/Thursday Alternating Friday:  September 8, 2009  (Grades 1-5 begin on this day also)
  • Monday/Wednesday Alternating Friday:  September 9, 2009

Your child can ride the bus to school on the first day or ride in the car.  I am aware that the Appleseed communication encourages parents to provide car transportation for PreK and K students on the first day of school, but this is your choice as a parent.

Our PreK and K Open Houses will be held on September 1, 2009.  This is geared toward parents attending with their PK/K child.

  • Mrs. Estefan and Mrs. Weiss  and Mrs. Bohl’s MW will hold their open houses from 5:30 to 6:15 pm.
  • Mrs. Bohl’s TTH and Mrs. Nederveld will hold their open houses from 6:30 to 7:15 pm.

The alternating day Friday schedule for this year can be found here:  PK/K FRIDAYs

School Hours and other schedules can be found:  HOURS and   SCHEDULES

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CHORES Prepare Your Child for School

If you have a child who is preparing to enter preschool, pre-kindergarten or kindergarten in the fall, I would like to give you permission to shift away from skill and drill on letter names, color and shape identification.  I, along with the early childhood teaching team, encourage you to prepare your child for school by having a set list of simple chores (jobs, to do’s) that can be completed each day.

Much of what we do in school involves asking children to complete tasks after hearing and seeing two or three step directions.  Chores or daily jobs involve a series of steps that can be repeatedly daily, and this repetition builds more success and hopefully jobs that are completed better each day!

And, to make this blog post more credible, there is research support.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love research that promotes the benefit of daily chores for my own children.

To find out more details about the benefits of learning two step directions, visit  Connect With Kids.

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Pre-Kindergarten is BACK!

From our Superintendent, Roxanne DeWeerd:  Pre-Kindergarten Reinstated

Hudsonville Public Schools will offer the same pre-kindergarten program next school
year as has been offered in the past.  Because of a significant change in the state funding
formula for pre-kindergarten that was to go into effect next school year, the program was
going to be dropped.  However, it now appears that the State will either delay the funding changes for two years or, hopefully, eliminate the changes completely.  Given that potential, pre-kindergarten will be reinstated for next school year.

Your building principal will be contacting all parents who had their children screened for kindergarten this spring.  If your child qualified for pre-kindergarten, you will be given the option to enroll your child in this program.  At Georgetown, Mrs. Giovanna Estefan will be teaching pre-kindergarten on the Monday/Wednesday full day rotation schedule.   Any open spots in this Pre-K class will be then be filled with  children who did not qualify but parents desire to have Pre-K over K.  Please be patient while we contact all parents.  This may take 3-5 school days to sort through.

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K Round Up

It is March 17 — the day we kick off our first official preparations for the 2009-10 school year with Kindergarten Round Up.  We will have two identical presentations, offered at two different times of the day.  Parents can choose to attend the 10 am or 7 pm session.  Information about the daily schedule, programming, and registration will be shared.  The sessions will be held in the MPRoom, which is just inside the front door.  I am looking forward to welcome kindergarten parents to Georgetown.

Mrs. Reagan

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Kindergarten Readiness Program

2009/2010:   HPS Kindergarten Readiness Program

Research shows that most children who turn five by December 1 are ready for kindergarten. As a district, Hudsonville Public Schools has many supports in place to ensure that students will be highly successful in school. As an initial step, screening will be conducted in March for children whose birthdays fall between June 1 and December 1. Following the screening, teachers will meet with parents to inform them of their child’s strengths as well as to define readiness areas that can be developed during the months
leading up to kindergarten.
If however, after the screening parents still feel that their “young five” child is not ready to attend kindergarten in the fall, Hudsonville Public Schools will be offering a tuition-based, Kindergarten Readiness Program, on two full days per week located at one or two of our elementary buildings (depending upon enrollment). The Kindergarten Readiness Program will focus on fun, hands-on learning, incorporating Zoo-Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears, and math/literacy skills essential for future school success.

To find out more, view the attached document. K-readiness-program

If you have questions contact Mrs. Rebecca VanSomeren, at 616-797-0842.


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Kindergarten 2009-10

A memo from the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Mrs. Suzanne Curro:

It is time to enroll your child for kindergarten if he/she turns five years of age before December 1, 2009. Open enrollment opportunities begin January 26, 2009.  Our Kindergarten Round-Up meetings will be held in each of our elementary buildings on Tuesday, March 17.  There will be a choice of a morning meeting at 10:00 a.m. or an evening meeting at 7:00 p.m.  The Kindergarten Round-Up meetings are designed for parents only in order to provide the necessary forms and information to prepare for the beginning of the new school year.

As many of you have heard or read in the newspaper, funding for pre-kindergarten programs will be cut by 50% next year.  Many educators and parents have contacted their legislative representatives to request reconsideration of this bill.  If this is not overturned, Hudsonville Public Schools, along with most other districts, will be forced to eliminate the pre-kindergarten program opportunity next school year.  All students would then be placed in kindergarten classrooms.  

We are going to continue to enroll new five year olds as we normally do, and test those who turn five between June 1, 2009 – December 1, 2009.  Should the law change and pre-kindergarten funding is fully restored, we will adjust our plans accordingly.

Please bear with us as we await the final outcome of the legislative discussion.   Mrs. Suzanne Curro

Office number:  669-1740, ext 55120