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A Busy Week Ahead!

I hope you had a great snow day!   Thank you to everyone who sent photos to share on the blog.  The day was as an unexpected surprise for many—and the teachers considered an bonus day for finishing up report cards and preparations for conferences.

Throughout this week, we will be hosting our PTC COIN WAR.  This is our final and very important fundraiser for PTC.  The money collected will build the PTC budget for critical school events that are focused on supporting family activities and learning.  Please send in your silver coins so that the PTC can continue all the good that it does for our school community!

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I will have the esteemed role of TIME KEEPER which means you will hear my voice every 15 over the intercom announcing the end of each conference period.

We also have LEAP DAY on February 29...a special day that appears just once every four years.  If you know anyone who has a birthday on this special day, make sure you remember them with a special birthday wish!

On the first day of March,  we will have our DRESS LIKE A PE TEACHER theme day. Every staff member and student is encouraged to wear PE apparel and dress as a PE teacher.  It’s our way of celebrating Mrs. Neinhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering…two incredible PE teachers who make a big impact on our health and wellness at Georgetown.

Remember:  NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY.  Teachers will be working hard on professional development activities….learning strategies for improving instruction for all learners.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Reagan