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Word of the Day: SUMP-PUMP

Before my basement flooded the first time, I knew little about the hole in my basement that held cob webs and a mysterious piece of equipment.

As a survivor of basement flooding, I am embarrassed to admit how much I admire these simple machines — and how much I check to make sure they are functioning.  I have two of these amazing pumps running right now on an every 30 second cycle.

As the children entered the building in pouring rain (again), we heard story after story about the parents they left at home to bail out their basements.  One fourth grader asked me this:  “We have a ZuP Pump but it’s not working.  What is that thing anyway?”

So…here’s my answer:

  1. It’s a SUMP PUMP…not a sub pump or zup pump.
  2. It can be found in a sump pit … or a hole in your basement.
  3. It’s purpose is to remove water that has risen above the foundation of the house.
  4. The water usually drains into the pump pit through drains that line the perimeter of the basement.
  5. When the water fills the hole to a certain level, the pump kicks in, sucking the water up through a tube/pipe out into your yard — where you want it to stay!

Check out this great  DIY on  It helps you understand how the pump works.

Wishing you all the best as you check your basements, worry about the rising water table and survive this crazy spring weather.


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Week 30: Rain Rain Go Away!

As we head into the week of April 15, the forecast calls for more RAIN and possible snow showers.   We are doing all we can to build in movement breaks and exercise routines to make up for the lack of recess times.  It’s tough on the children to not have time to run and play so we are doing our very best to be creative.

The BMS Parent Night listed below is for future 6th grade students who will be playing an instrument next year.  If your child is NOT playing an instrument, you do not need to attend.

We wrap up the week with POPCORN DAY.  Thank goodness for our PTC and this special treat.  After two weeks of rain, this will be something fun to look forward too!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Reagan

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And the rain rain rain…

came down down down in rushing wild riv’lets!   This past weekend reminded me of this classic Winnie the Pooh song..and once I thought of it, I could not get it out of my head.

I hope you were able to make the most of the rainy weekend and use this as an opportunity to relax and watch a movie or two.

During the upcoming school week, we will be finishing up MEAP tests in grades 3-5.  Our students (your children) have been working exceptionally hard on this test.  In spite of what you may hear on the news, we want you to know that the test is challenging and our teachers and students work hard to both prepare for and complete the assessments.  The results of the tests will be back in early January and we will use these to adjust our instruction for the second half of the year.

We also have another PTC sponsored pizza night this week. Save your pizza appetite for Wednesday, October 17.  Order from Marcos and give them the name of your child’s teacher and credit will be applied to this class.  The class with the most pizza’s ordered receives a pizza lunch on Marcos (and the PTC)!

Have a great week…and stay dry and grounded.  Sounds like we have both rain and wind in our forecast.

Mrs. Reagan