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Spring is here…and so are the wheels!

bikeI know…I know…here we just get excited about a new season and Mrs. Reagan rolls out all those ol’ rules again!   Think about it this way, it wouldn’t be a season change at school if we didn’t have to remind you about some basic rules to keep everyone safe on the playground.  ripstick

So it’s official…spring is here and this is a short list of things to remember:

1.  Things with wheels cannot be ridden on the playground during the school day.   If your parents approve riding a bike, skateboard, ripstick or heeley’s to school, that is a-okay with me.  However, as soon as you get onto the school property, YOU MUST:

  • Park your bike at the rack
  • Pick up your ripstick/skateboard and carry it onto the playground
  • Stop wheeling on heeley’s

skateboard2.  After school, you may not ride your ripstick or skateboard until you get onto the sidewalk that leads to the bike path near the paper gator.  This is for SAFETY reasons!  We have many children walking to the cars to meet their parents.

3.  After school, please WALK your bike to the same area before you get on it.  This is a safety issue.

And, finally, please respect our fourth and fifth grade safeties who are trying to make sure all children make it out of school and on their way home safely.   If they remind you to pick up your boards, sticks or walk your bike…please do as they ask, respectfully.

Mrs. Reagan