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Car Wash by Sarah Spears

car wash

Sarah’s story, CAR WASH, was selected as worthy of a performance by the 2nd grade team for our all school JUST WRITE CELEBRATION.

You can view the teacher performance below.  Congratulations, Sarah, on being a JUST RIGHT JUST WRITE author!

Car Wash
by:  Sarah Spears

One steaming hot, hot, hot sunny Sunday afternoon when I thought I was going to fry up, I thought of a brillant idea.

“Hey Aaron, do you want to give the car a wash?”, I asked.
“Sure just let me get my swim suit on”, he replied.
“Ok”, I answered.  “I’ll be waiting outside.”

Well it only took a few seconds to get the car wet and start scrubbing when another idea came to my head.  That’s when a car with a window drove right past our house and I yelled……..


The lady in the car looked at me like I was CRAZY!

“Oh brother!!!!”, I thought. “She probably thinks I am crazy!”

Well, more and more cars past and Aaron and I kept yelling…..


But still everyone thought we were crazy!  After a few minutes a motorcycle rode by and Aaron yelled, “FREE MOTOR WASH!!”

I wish people would have come, but oh well it was still fun.

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Just Write: A Celebration in May

We are in our second year of developing our writing skills–both process and craft.  In May, we will be holding our second annual, We have something to say…JUST WRITE!  Celebration.  For this event, each writer (and this includes staff members) selects a piece of writing to publish professionally.  In addition, we post writing around the building and on our blogs.  There are many other events that take place, and details will be shared as the date draws nearer.  In the meantime, I would like to invite you to visit the stories that were published last May on the site.  Any of these titles can be purchased or downloaded for free. To view our books at the location, simply type Georgetown Elementary into the search area.